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Born in the Hague, attended the Vrije Academie and attended a workshop of a week by Jörg Immendorff (Rijks Academie).
Work owned by municipality, companies, national and international private collectors.
Now living in Sellingen, Groningen, the Netherlands


2002 Galerie de Lange


2015 Salon des Refusés
2011 EM galerie 'Hommage aan de Collectioneur Klaas en Alie Brandsma'
2008 Hanzehofmuseum Zutphen
2007 Galerie Nijehove
2004 Kunstrai met Galerie de Lange
2004 Galerie de Lange
2003 Galerie de Lange
2003 Kunstrai met Galerie de Lange
Over the years my work has had many changes, mostly subtle but sometimes rather radical. I tend to get tired with myself doing the same thing over and over but it is just the appearance that is changing. It is important for me to experiment, to try out. The journey from a white canvas to a finished painting has to be more than filing in the blank spaces. I.g. it’s fascinating to see that you can make an object look round or solid but with a few strokes its becomes hollow. I want it to be a challenge and it is a challenge to get it working again. If it doesn’t work out and I am not satisfied then I sometimes paint over it. And that can lead to surprising effects.
When I start a new painting I don't now where it will take me and during the proces there will be conscious decisions but its also action and reaction. I enjoy the struggle, as long as I am able to get it right in the end.
Since the move to the country my work became much more spacious. Going from the city to the wide planes had its effect. Although the work is abstract it definitely breathes landscape in the works from 2002 to the second half of 2017. There usually is some form of recognisable figuration in it that can go from a simple shape like a ladder or a letter to detailed painted roses or the use of a cartoon character.
In 2016 the colours narrowed down to Payne’s grey and titanium white. For years I wanted to paint monochrome work but it never worked out. This mono period lasted till the middle of 2017 when shapes and colour started to take over and the work appears to be more playful and surreal.
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